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Interactive simulation models are a gym tool for improving our imagination about how the economy works. They are often ambivalent, being both business games and economic formal models.

We freely distribute here many of them. You will typically be able to run the code, see and even change it. Things have been established so that even if you have zero knowledge of programming language, you can still make use of the software. Needless to say, you have to allow code to be performed, which may require that you specifically allow for execution. For instance, in latest Windows version for Excel, you need to explicitly ask to unblock the code. For editing the code, you will need to go to Options and make the Developer Tab visible. Further instructions may be contained in the zipped compressed files with which we are distributing the software.




Essay and Software : You are a monopolist
The traditional monopolist's choice about price and quantity is now given a new dynamic setting where you can interact. Demand is unknown and the produced good is durable across periods of time. Thus, sales needn't be equal to production as inventories can pile up and go down. A lot of strategic consequences arise, as you can discover playing with the business game.
This human participated simulation is part of the suit of models, downloadable from this page, that students can play to become critical and active, as envisaged in the evolutionary theory methodology.

Software [1900 KB]



Software: The rich and the poor

An exploration of differences, by leveraging a new key concept (cumulative bundle) as explained in the related paper.


Software: Establish the market share structure

Markets shared by one or more company have been exhaustively classified here. In this software, you can copy & paste data from real or artificial economies and establish which one of the IDMSS charaterises your data.

Software: A testbed for stochastic routines

A method to validate ABM (agent-based models) and their routines through inter-personal experiments. Easy to customize in order to include your own routines.


Software: Scraped price extraction

You can get real-time prices of goods across the world by massively search the internet, as we proposed in year 2000 in our book and Prof. Cavallo is doing in his impressive Billion Prices project and the related papers.

Free software

Software: Social security

A very simple software where you can verify the economic sustainability of a pension scheme in a population, depending on retirement age, wages, payroll taxes, age of labour market entry, births and deaths.

Highly customizeable in parametres.


Software: Insurance market competition

A simple yet powerful simulation of insurance market and the decisions take by people-at-risk (applicants) and underwriters (insurers). It lets you explore e.g. why so many people can remain uninsured and which are the connections between profitability and coverage.


Software: Race to market

Useful for managers, researchers and students, this business game is a powerful tool for understanding product life cycles, consumers' attitudes, innovation management strategies, competitive intelligent tactics, by personally playing or by observing how artificial agents perform.

Essay and software automatic download [2400 KB]


Software: Market dynamics with firm-specific fixed and variable costs

In this easy evolutionary model you'll find a market with a large number of firms, each characterised by a different cost structure, and you'll be able to study the evolution of profits over time, according to changes in demand and endogenous technology progress.

A key statement will relate the way demand interacts with the kind of technological innovation approved by top management.



Software: You are an exporter
This business game will improve your skills in exporting, choosing target countries, fixing prices and quantities, while surfing between business cycles and changes in the cost structure. You'll better understand how the exchange rate impacts on exports and imports.

Suitable for beginners and researchers.

Download it now


Software: Isoquants
A specialised software to draw isoquants according to the neoclassical theory of production. A critical view of the usefulness of this tool is proposed.



Software: The Sugarscape model
A classical agent-based simulation of artificial societies with hunger, survival, reproduction dynamics.

Download page

It will automatically install the Java engine if your computer does have it now.


Software and Essay: Consumer theory
This free software interactively explains you the basic microeconomic consumer theory, while the essay shall briefly introduce you to neoclassical tenets, suggesting some easy experiment with the computer application.

Budget line, indifference curves, demand curves, Engel's curves, indirect utility functions, income and substitution effects will be no mysteries any more.

Essay and software


Software: The production function of students' grades
An example of production function and marginal productivity, to draw easy diagrams.



Software: The standard monopoly theory
A full-fledged presentation of a monopolist in the neoclassical microeconomics perspective. Particularly well suited for students, this program is part of a collection of software by Prof. Masaru Uzawa.

Software [320 KB]


Software: The IS-LM model
A Cartesian-space IS-LM model illustrating step-by-step how the macroeconomics curves arises from points. It reproduces what usually students learn in universities throughout the world, offering the possibility of changing the model parameters. It is a second example of Prof. Masaru Uzawa's collection of software.

Software [340 KB]

For a graphical non linear interactive map of IS-LM-AS-AD see here


Software: A free collection of Java economic simulations [Italian language]



Book: An Artificial Market Model of a Foreign Exchange Market - by Kiyoshi Izumi

An agent-based simulation is described in this book.


Software: Costs
To understand costs in different microeconomic production conditions, this software offers you a graphical representation of a wide variety of combination of fixed-costs and variable costs (economies of scale, dis-economies of scale...) activated by just a one-button click.

Software [2050 KB]


Software: Curve Expert (Econometrics)
A very user-friendly free software for fitting data with a huge number of curves (also user-defined), not only straigt lines. Just click on one button and the program will execute all the estimations and will rank the results, showing which match the data the best.




Software: NLREG (Econometrics)
30-days version of a package for non-linear regressions.

Software Manual




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